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another looping app?

There are already plenty of great apps and hardware out there. You might want to check them out.

But Loopr has a deliberate focus on adapting to the live musicians' approach to audio loops. With more than 20 years of loop making and related musical experience, with real world practice using most of the hardware or software loopers on the market, we know why the v1 should be as simple as it is, and what we want v2 to be.

Loopr was designed by musicians for musicians as a complementary tool to your favorite effects and instruments. No excess digital signal processing included, only your sound in a loop, and MIDI synchronization out to share the groove.

64 tracks / multiple phrases
Loopr lets you compose using 64 independent audio tracks organized in 4 phrases, each containing 4 groups of 4 tracks (on select older devices, 16 tracks organized in 4 phrases, each of 4 tracks in 1 group).

your iPhone is the looper
While there are many looping pedalboards on the market, many apps around that use your iDevice as the brain for a new kind of more versatile looper, Loopr was designed as close to old school hardware as it could. While this is a v1, we definitely had a few things in mind: clarity, ergonomy, sturdyness, reliability. Your iPhone offers cellular data and WiFi connectivity, and is all you need for the looping to begin.

your iPod touch as dedicated rig
It's great to use your iPhone, but maybe you'll need a bit more dedication. To use an iPod for all your musical needs, and of Loopr particularly, helps you enhance your focus on the music.While offering both compatibility and connectivity for your Loopr needs, in an affordable package, you will also be able to use all the musical apps you can dream of.

fat fingers' iPad
Finally, if you already own an iPad, and regardless of your finger size, Loopr works the same. For now, no difference except for those with tired eyes or fat fingers that will definitely love the increased real estate.

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