App - v1.0 - Loopr Live Loop Composer / the handsfree looper

v1.0.1 - (0.4.35) November 12 2012

The first Loopr update. Took until November 19 to be ready for sale.

More than the minor update it kind of looks like, this was the occasion to rehaul many things in the code, and rethink the diverse things awaiting to be done in the future. Yes, it does take time to get development to speed, even more when you try to see things in the long run. But this version is in some ways a bit our own route 101. ;)

Update features include:
  • load sessions activated (finally!)
  • one-shot recording mode
  • rehaul of core engine
  • bug-fixes and general UI improvement

Previous features include (from v1.0):
  • low latency recording and playback, to catch it when it comes
  • one hand, thumb optimized screen controls, to loop along everywhere
  • efficient MIDI pedalboard ergonomy for hands free control
  • MIDI time code out tempo synchronization, for all the electronic play-alongs
  • transparent on-the-fly saving of sessions, to save without a pause
  • easy exportation of separate audio files including comprehensible text-formatted metadata

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