App - v1.0 - Loopr Live Loop Composer / the handsfree looper

v1.0 - (0.4.18) July 13 2012

The first public iOS release of Loopr. Took until August 3 to be ready for sale.

This version is the 'proof of concept' app. Basic but sturdy functionalities focused for the pro user. Out of the box one-finger and MIDI operability with a focus on the ergonomy. The philosophy here is not to offer a swiss-army knife loopstation, but a sturdy, efficient machine great at doing the main task. The learning curve destined to pro users isn't that steep but destined to pro users, and still accessible to the others with a bit of concentration and experimentation.

Main features of this version include:
  • low latency recording and playback, to catch it when it comes
  • one hand, thumb optimized screen controls, to loop along everywhere
  • efficient MIDI pedalboard ergonomy for hands free control
  • MIDI time code out tempo synchronization, for all the electronic play-alongs
  • transparent on-the-fly saving of sessions, to save without a pause
  • easy exportation of separate audio files including comprehensible text-formatted metadata

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