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Nov 2013 - v1.1.1

"Loopr is a budget-priced bargain that is well worth a punt even if only to experiment with. This is a very capable – if slightly quirky – looper app at a pocket money price."

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product and graphic design, stuff:
Tristan 'Z' Zand
Started live-looping in the mid eighties with a 1/4 inch tape based Studer Revox A77 while studying computer-based music theory. That was the spark, then he had to go on with all the analog and digital equipment he could live-loop on. Experimenting at the same time with web-based experimental composition and multimedia improvisation since the mid-nineties, he finally teamed up to start the humble Loopr project at the start of 2012, and slowly make a reality of what he thinks live-loopstations should be (it's a slow process, but it's growing up.. ;) ).


software engineering and programming, stuff too:
Stéphane 'S' Tavera
Audiophile, music lover and programmer. Likes good food, good living, and good music. And as he likes to recall "less is more”, so that’s it for the moment.


help start the whole thing:
and for some of the first but not least lines of code

Robert 'R' Branchat

and many thanks to all the others who did this and that and so well! :D

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Thanks to Pete Goodliffe for his Midi library.

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