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64 tracks multiple phrase loopstation with sequencer on iOS :
here comes Loopr

You play, it loops.

Loopr is the first 64 tracks multiple phrase loopstation for iOS with a realtime editable step sequencer.
It is a simple no nonsense loopstation app made by musicians for musicians. Simplicity with a pro focus. Software that feels like hardware. On your iDevice to create, practice, perform, whatever. MIDI synchronization and foot operability for hands free operation, and a focus on ergonomy.

1. play
2. tap start : recording starts
3. tap stop : it loops, it grooves
4. do whatever
5. save it and share
6. start again!

Loopr v1 is as simple as it gets, an embryonic app that will evolve without compromising to sophistication. The non-"swiss army knife" approach to loopstation design.

Ergonomy focused on the musician's needs, simple yet powerful screen controls, MIDI in for handsfree use, MIDI synchronization out to your drum machine or sequencer, Loopr is a simple yet powerful tool for your live-looping needs.

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