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Warning: if you have a lightning connector on your new generation iDevice, seems the Apple converter cable and dongle don't guarantee that all MIDI interfaces will work.

recommended configuration

To use Loopr at its best, you could use its minimalist screen controls, mike and speaker, but better is to have:
  • iDevice with system >6.1 installed
  • midi interface
  • midi pedalboard (responsive)
  • jack/minijack adapter
  • all your favorite effects and equipment
  • some kind of MIDI drum machine or sequencer

Loopr being compatible with Apple's Core MIDI and Core Audio frameworks, you should be able to use any compatible equipment. For your information, our benchmark equipment comprised:
  • Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 2 (the first one we found, the IK Multimedia iRig MIDI seems better having a MIDI through and USB charge input)
  • RFX RP-128 Midibuddy (Rolls) MIDI pedalboard (we've had ours since 1995, used daily at home and on stage, cheap, practical, indestructible and reliable), and a Griffin GuitarConnect cable (cheap and simple).
MIDI / audio interfaces table (subjective)
audio: in+1, out+1, digital+1, balanced+1, preamp+1 / MIDI: in+1, out+1, thru+1 extras: charge+1, self-powered+1, battery-option+1 / MIDI + audio = *2
Apogee DuetApogee Electronicsanalog in+phantom+out: 2in/out: 2 (USB)charge through: +1high quality sound / USB MIDI: yes
iRig MIDIIK Multimedianone: 0in/out/thru: 3micro-usb charge: +1simple and works great: yes
iRig ProIK Multimediainput+balanced+phantom: 2in only: 1no MIDI out: -1yes but no MIDI out
iRig StompIK Multimediain/out (jack): 2 jackin/out/thru: 0battery operated/switch: 0pedal format: yes
Guitar ConnectGriffinin/out: 2none: 0just a cable: -1no audio gain: maybe
iU2Tascamin/out/digital/balanced+phantom: 4in/out: 2USB compatible+charge: 2not lightning compatible: no
Sonic PortLine 6in/out/guitar/line: 3none: 0great headphone converter: +1simple: yes if you don't care about MIDI

Apogee Duet
The Apogee Duet is a portable high quality option for MIDI and audio on your iOS device. It is a light and compact option with phantom power audio in and MIDI in and out (USB MIDI, interesting for those with more 'modern' pedalboards). It is recommended, but a higher priced option. You might also want to check the other Apogee products on their website.

Compatible with Apple's 'lightning' adapter.

Designed and made in the USA: official product page

iRig Pro
The iRIg Pro is a portable option for MIDI and audio on your iOS device, but has MIDI input only. It is maybe a light and compact option with phantom power audio in, but the lack of MIDI out, can be problematic for sync. Therefore works, recommended, but not first choice if you depend on sync out.

Compatible with Apple's 'lightning' adapter.

Designed and made in Italy: official product page

The iRIg MIDI is probably the best portable option for MIDI on your iOS device. It is light and compact, has MIDI in, out, and through (thru), but more importantly, USB in for charging while using. Recommended.

Compatible with Apple's 'lightning' adapter.

Designed and made in Italy: official product page

Griffin Guitar Connect
The Griffin Guitar Connect cable is the simplest for your jack based instrument. On one side you connect to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, on the other you have a jack for your instrument, and a plug for your headphones. Or your can make your own.

Tascam iU2
Warning: doesn't appear to work with new generation devices using Apple's 'lightning' adapter cable. Waiting for news from Tascam.

The Tascam was our favorite all-in-one MIDI/audio device before the lightning connector. It is light and compact, doesn't need an external power source, has MIDI in, out, two jack inputs (mic, line impedence), a third physical one for guitar input (channels to the L input), balanced or unbalanced (with XLR cables included), digital in/out (cinch), stereo cinch line out behind, and USB for charging while using AND computer use compatibility. She can even provide phantom power if connected to an external power source.. It also has physical knobs to quickly set various volumes, and clipping LEDs for input signal. CoreMIDI compatible, it is a straightforward light and complete package that will stand happy in your gig bag or even your jacket pocket. The non detachable iDevice cable is neatly hidden inside a compartment, ready to be there when necessary.

Rolls MP128p
First choice for many reasons. Low price, extremely sturdy, compact, complete and straightforward to operate. What we based Loopr's ergnomy on. We've used ours for loop sampling for nearly 20 years, it still works despite the harsh beatings and diverse weather and beer misshaps.

Designed and made in the USA in Salt Lake City: official product page - about Rolls

Nobels MF-1 or MF-2
Team choice for portability. Battery powered or DC input, good sensitivity, very solid, compact ,complete and easy to use.

Designed in Germany and build in South Corea: official product page - about Nobels

Behringer FCB1010
Our second choice because of its size (too big), and price (pretty cheap, but not near the Rolls). Thought it is an incredible package for many pedalboard applications (hugely programmable), and has 2 expression pedals included, it is rather huge to carry but integrates its own power supply. Great bang for the buck, but not near the MP128p in our opinion for use with Loopr v1 as we're very gigbag portability inclined.

Designed in Germany and made in China: official product page - about Behringer City

Keith McMillen Softstep
One USB MIDI pedalboard that works great with the Loopr ergonomy, is the Softstep. Works great with newer iDevices. It is light, sturdy, self powered (thought you have to connect the USB port halfway until it powers up if you want your iOS device to recognize it).

Designed and made in the USA: product website

Thomas Kiss USB MIDI pedals
There are many USB MIDI keyboards available. They work well with newer iDevices. While Loopr doesn't have a MIDI program patchbay yet, you might still want to go for non standard layouts that fit your needs. E.g. Thomas Kiss's USB MIDI pedalboard that works great straight out of the box and without the need for a power adapter. As simple as it gets. His 4 program pedal fits in your pocket, is light, sturdy, and goes for 2 Jackson bills..

Designed and made in Hungary: his eBay page

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