californian design, french touch, swiss made

Silicon valley edge (our musical mind) in synergy with Geneva's tradition for fabrication (our lab). And that french touch that we like so much! Et viva el french paradox! And a small spanish touch too, but it's getting complicated...

We could remind you that the silicon valley is leader in computer innovations and Geneva gave birth to the web, emphasize our subtle cocktail of anglo-wackyness and french-paradox towards tight software engineering, but we won't as we just did.

Loopr is just that simple and humble app thought and made with one goal in mind: help you play the music you love.

graphic design
While the graphic user interface (GUI) isn't very useful per se, we tried to develop something simple and with a touch of character. The Loopr machine exists in the real world and is more than 100 years old, check our blog (go to July 7 2012) to see what it looks like. We tried to implement a GUI that would offer most functions using Loopr with one hand, thus your thumb. Hopefully you'll find it easy, but will rapidly go back to the pedalboard.

The code was build with the future versions in mind. In any case, responsiveness, lack of perceptive delays in synchronisation were crucial, not only for audio but also for MIDI. Including at that later level, everything was done to prioritize the musician. No use to have all the functions and customization possibilities if they impede on concrete use.

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